"Evernote is a way to get organized. It is a great, free resource that allows you to easily capture information using whatever device or operating system you use. It then makes this information accessible and searchable from anywhere. Their tagline: “Remember Everything.” It is a digital notebook that allows you to take text notes, clip web pages, upload images and files, and much more."

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Evernote Tutorial 2013/2014 - Introduction and Overview by Anson Alexander (15 minutes)

Evernote for Teachers - Lots of great posts specifically related to Evernote.

Some Ways Teachers can Use Evernote

  • The first and foremost usage of this tool for educators is to take notes in class or when attending a lecture , a conference, a symposium, wherever they feel the need to capture and save ideas for later review.
  • Teachers can get their notes organized into different notebooks
  • They can use it to create to-do lists and work logs via recording tasks completed in Evernote, along with the beginning and end times.
  • Teachers who are running a classroom blog can use it to write post drafts to be published on their blog when they get access to internet connection
  • Teachers can organize their classes in Evernote using tags
  • Store all the teaching materials to use during the whole year, one example is the grading templates such as grade sheets or student assessment forms.
  • Use Evernote to make up for your absence by sharing a notebook with the substitute teacher (like lesson plans, worksheets, answer keys and examples of completed work).
  • You can create a public notebook containing key notes you want to share with your students. Share this URL with the class and parents and let them view anything you add to your notes.
  • Keep your extracurriculars in one place and in order.
  • Save bookmarks and annotate webpages using Evernote. Teachers can add screenshots to help kick start their memory when looking for useful website.

Some Ways students can use Evernote

  • Students can take notes in the class using Evernote and organize their notes into easily searchable notebooks
  • They can use it to scan teachers handouts, taking snapshots using a camera and not having to worry about loosing the original copies.
  • Students can take handwritten notes in their class and use a camera to capture an image to keep in their Evernote
  • Students can create different notebooks where to organize and keep their assignments, class projects, docs, files, school events and many more
  • Students can use Evernote to record audio notes on their phones or iPad for lectures and teachers talks.
  • Students can share their notes and notebooks with each other and collaborate on their assignments.

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