Kindergarten - Miss Gallagher & Mrs. Tague

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Anna and Elsa - Hour of Code



Ten Frame




US Map Game


Hour of Code

Hour of Code - Angry Birds




Be creative!

The Mini-Mizer - Create your own Lego Avatar!

Build with Legos

Build Your Wild Self - an avatar creator from New York Zoos and Aquarium

Androidify - Create and name your very own Android avatar

Doppel Me - another avatar creator

Make a Flake

Make a Snowman

Make a Robot

Make a House


Billy Bears Alphabet Games -

Kindergarten English Language Arts - many games that meet the Common Core Standards

Starfall - early reader & alphabet site

Kidport - Language Arts index

Kinderweb - Letter learning game

Clifford Letter Round-Up - alphabet game

PBS Kids -

Bembos Zoo - alphabet 'game' (requires Flash)

ABCYA - Kindergarten children's computer games & activities feature large and easy-to-use navigation buttons as well as voice instructions.

Turtle Diary - Online English Games for Kindergarten

Primary Games


Analog Clock

Interactive for Kids - skill building math games

Kidport - Math index

ABCya! - Math

Ten Frame - four games that develop counting and addition skills

Kindergarten Math - many games that meet Common Core Standards

Kinderweb - Number learning game

IXL - Kindergarten math games by skill
Eduplace - Math-a-Rama; games, brain teasers, and more!

Robo Packer - great for spatial reasoning

Turtle Diary - Online Math Games for Kindergarten

Hooda Math - Lots of math games
  • Snow Storm - remove the snow in the least amount of moves possible

SoftSchools - online games

A Kid's Heart

KT's StoryBird Story - The Happy Bunny

KG's StoryBird Story - The Bunny and Easter