SMARTBoards and Interactive White Boards (IWB)

Moving Between IWB Platforms - How to convert files from one platform to another


Smartboard in the Classroom

SMART Technologies Training Center

Interactive Whiteboard - Tutorials


Thirty-Eight Interesting Ways to Use Your Interactive White Board in the Classroom - creative ideas
Teachers Love SmartBoards - Award winning blog with many resources by application, subject and category

SMART Board Resources and Lessons

SMARTboard Lessons - lessons and resources by subject area and grade levels (K-5 and 6-12)

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Great for SMARTBoard

SMARTBoard Lessons and Templates

Interactive Math Resources - Great for SMARTBoard

Interactive Language Arts Resources - Great for SMARTBoard

Interactive Science Resources - Great for SMARTBoard

Interactive Social Studies Resources - Great for SMARTBoard

Interactive Websites - great to use with SMARTBoard

SMARTBoard in the Classroom - lessons, templates, resources

Teacher Created SMARTBoard Presentations - all subjects

Science Animations - Great for SMARTBoard

ClassTools - free educational games, activities, diagrams and tools; try the random name picker

Gameshow templates - Fun!

Triangle Sort - interactive
Polygon Sorting - interactive
Christian Symbols - interactive
Super Teacher Tools - create games and quizzes, plus great classroom management tools - random name picker, etc.
Pictorial Facts of the Day Calendar - researched facts for each day of the year
Harvey's Homepage - (need SmartNotebook) many great resources for all grade levels
Language Arts - Scholastic
ABCya! - educations games and activities for all subjects for kids in grades K-5