Digital Storytelling

Prompts and Ideas

Paper Slide Videos - great resources and 'how to'

Photo Prompts - visual images with thought-provoking questions

10 Ideas for Classroom Video Projects -

Shape Walk - idea for integrating digital images

6 Word Stories Can Say a Lot - from Daniel Pink

6 Word Story Project - from Ben Grey. Tell a story with one image and six words; powerful!

What's Your "Six-Word Memoir?" - from NPR; Can you tell your life story in exactly six words?

Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling - Love #9 When you’re stuck, make a list of what wouldn’t happen next...

iMovie Movie Trailers:

iMovie Basics for the iPad - video tutorial
Plan a Better iMovie Trailer with These PDFs - Learning in Hand, Tony Vincent
10 Video Projects Every Teacher Should Try
iMovie Movie Trailers Across the Content Areas - Kathy Schrock

Check out Victoria & Kailey's awesome example of a film parody.

Tools, Techniques, and Tutorials


iMovie and Green Screen - Excellent 'how-to'

ThingLink - Create powerful images with music, video, sound, & text. Share and discover deeper stories though images. Resources

Sketchnotes - a great way to take notes and tell a story

Learn How to Animate Like a Disney Animator in this Video Course -

PicLit - a combination of words placed on a photograph to capture the essence, story and meaning of the picture.

eduCanon - a great tool to use for flipped classroom, annotating a Youtube, Vimeo, or any other video

Goodbye Essay, Hello Podcast - classroom tips and suggested tutorials are shared

Common Craft - Cut-out Library

PinWords - Instantly add text to your images

Haiku Deck - 'makes telling your story simple, beautiful, and fun.' / 5 Ways to Save Time on Presentation Prep - Haiku Deck tips / Haiku Deck Tutorials

ThingLink Education - make your images interactive

GlogsterEDU - Poster yourself. Create interactive posters by adding video, images, text, and audio

Prezi - Create zooming presentations

Animoto - create beautiful videos (free version gives 30 seconds of video)

iMovie Basics for the iPad

WeVideo - Free Online Video Editor & Maker

Lesson Planning Ideas for Elementary

PowToon - create animated videos and presentations

Image Chef - create visual poetry

Evernote icon.jpeg
Used this Evernote icon image.
Created this image using Image Chef drawing tool.

Make Beliefs Comix - Create your own comix strip - it's easy and fun!

Tellagami - available at the App Store for iPad & iPhone, see example below.