App Smashing

App Smashing is a technique coined by Greg Kulowiec that uses multiple apps to complete a project. The Chemistry of Combos chart below is helpful because it categorizes apps into three distinct categories: absorption (content & research) apps, creation (using content & research) apps, and presentation (sharing) apps. Think of 'smashing' apps from these categories as you plan your projects. In other words, try to think of ways to use apps 'together' rather than as 'stand alone.'

App Smashing - The Chemistry of Combos.jpg

My Pinterest App Smashing board.

Pedagogy Discussions

SAMR Success is NOT About Tech - it's a mindset, nice infographic

Engaging iPad Apps for the Classroom - like the discussion of "Creator Apps," deeper learning, and sharing

Graphite - an app, website and game review service by Common Sense Media, very thorough by grade level and subject

Common Sense Media - reviews of all types of media by age

iOS Education App Review and Sharing Sites - this doc is continually being edited

ALL my Apps Reviews and Suggestions - Matt Gomez shares how to use apps which are organized by subject with lots of practical advice

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iPads, Tablets, and Mobile for Education - Pinterest page contains various Bloom's Taxonomy charts combined with apps

Interesting Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom - practical uses for numerous apps

QR Codes - used to easily access any URL (web address) Sample Activity:

Olympic Graphing .jpg

Olympic Data.jpg

QR Code Generator - create your own QR Codes; easy-to-use

Interesting Way to use QR Codes in the Classroom - practical uses for mobile devices

Shelly Terrell's Slideshare Page - Shelly shares her work on Slideshare when you can find lots of presentations with tips for how to use apps in the classroom. Below is a sampling:

10+ Apps for Student Creativity - presentation with lesson suggestions

Outdoor Activities with Mobile Devices - presentation with lesson suggestions

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App-solutely Awesome! EduClipper for iPad - similar to Pinterest, but safe for education.