Ms. Lazzara & Mrs. O'Connell

Class Blogs: We Learn! We Create! We Share!

FOCUS 3rd Grade wiki - Check us out!

RAZ Kids

Xtra Math

Spanish Project Example

Typing Club - 3rd Grade Keyboarding goal 15 WPM with 90% accuracy on test 423 or above.

Safe Searching

KidRex - Safe search for kids, by kids!

Junior Safe Search




Audri's Monster Trap - video sharing of Audri sharing his Rube Goldberg-Style Monster Trap

Rube Goldberg-Style Games

Gingerbread House Maker

Poem Generator

BabbleDabbleDo - Recycled Marble Run


Ben's Guide

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site

American Revolution - resources

Ducksters -

American Revolution - 3rd & 4th grade resources

Women of the American Revolution


Sugar, Sugar - a challenging logic puzzle with a physics twist for kids. Each level of the game is a puzzle that requires planning and strategy.

Galileo Drops the Ball

Planet WebQuest

Planets - Zoom Astronomy - Enchanted Learning

Meteor Multiplication another fun game by Hooda Math

Space Race Multiplication - from Hooda Math

Interactive Sites for Education - Brainteasers

Learning Spanish

Spanish - Enchanted Learning


Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Create a Graph - easy-to-use

Drag Race Division - play against your friends, from Hooda Math

Snork's Long Division - practice long division skills

Tug Team Giraffe Pull Time Words - Hooda Math

Factor Feeder - eat factors of a given multiple, avoid numbers that are not of the given multiple

Be creative!

Tinkercad - Create 3D digital designs with online CAD

ABCya! Word Cloud creator - create beautiful word clouds with this application

Festisite: Text Layout - Turn your text into an image

PinWords - instantly add text to your images

Art Pad - Writing and drawing application

The Mini-Mizer - Create your own Lego Avatar!

Build Your Wild Self - an avatar creator from New York Zoos and Aquarium

Build with Legos

Androidify - Create and name your very own Android avatar

Doppel Me - another avatar creator

Voki - create a speaking avatar

Language Arts

IXL - 3rd Grade Language Arts Skills


St. Louis Zoo

Endagered Animals

Rock for Kids - Pictures of Rocks

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History - Gem Gallery

Ben Franklin

SheppardSoftware Food Chain

Water Cycle and Water for Kids

Endangered Animals 3D 2014

St. Louis Zoo - Owls

Owl Research


The Constellations

Constellations by Month

National Geographic Kids - Explore!

**National Geographic’s “Find People & Places”**

**Time for Kids’ Around the World**

**Scholastic’s Global Trek**


Jet Ski - How well do you know your math facts? Race your friends and others in this exciting game!

Grand Prix - Like Jet Ski only for multiplication

Factor Feeder - eat factors of a given multiple, avoid numbers that are not of the given multiple

Create a Graph - easy-to-use

Perimeter & Area

IXL - 3rd Grade Math Skills

Social Studies

White House - Presidents

Dole Plantation - Hawaii's Complete Pineapple Experience

Missouri Cities by Population

Missouri People Quick Facts

Daniel Boone Home