Mrs. Kreamalmeyer's

October 29, 2013

A. Finish and print joke

1. Think of a joke2. Find an image that related to that joke3. Save image to desktop4. Open Safari > Pic Monkey5. Import image6. Write joke on pic7. Screen print: Apple (Command) > Shift > 38. Use crosshairs > Tools > crop9. File > Save As (Export) > JPEG > Desktop10. Print > Lab Color Laser
Choose from these activities once you have printed your joke:
B. Create a fall or Halloween word cloud ABCya! Word Cloud for Kids
C . Carve a pumpkin Online Pumpkin Carving

D . Draw a fall or Halloween picture Art Pad

Wanderlust - Trace the most famous trips in history

Explorers Wanted Poster - Create a persuasive 'Wanted Poster" recruiting men and women to sign up for the journey to the new world. Use the template and add who, what, where, when information to the poster. See the example.