5th Grade

5th Grade with Mrs. Burke & Mrs. Kreamalmeyer

Typing Club - 5th Grade Keyboarding goal 25 WPM with 90% accuracy on test 423 or above.

Safe Searching & Giving Credit by Citing Sources

KidRex - Safe search for kids, by kids!

Junior Safe Search



Citation Machine - Choose MLA to create citations for your reference page

EasyBib - Choose MLA to create citations for your reference page

Diffen - Compare Anything

Tinkercad - Create 3D digital designs with online CAD
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user name:
password: smmastudent1415
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7ZQMSWRY (3.20.18)

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Save files as .stl to be printed at school!

Tinkercad - Lessons

Tinkercad - Youtube introduction and brief tutorial

Thingiverse - get inspired!


Hour of Code


Sample Business Letter - Biztown

Sugar, Sugar - a challenging logic puzzle with a physics twist for kids. Each level of the game is a puzzle that requires planning and strategy.

Puzzle Maker

Space Libs - Mad Libs for space

Our Solar System - learn about our solar system

Astronomy Quiz for Kids

Civil War for Kids - Mr. Nussbaum

Abraham Lincoln

Civil War: Fact and Links from Kids Konnect

eHistory: People - Famous people from the Civil War Era


__Catholic Online__

__Franciscan Media__

__Roman Catholic Saints__

__Catholic Saints__

Be Creative!

iMovie Trailers - create trailers for books, movies, and more!

iMovie and Green Screen - excellent 'how-to'

Tinkercad - Create 3D digital designs with online CAD

Art Pad - drawing and writing

The Mini-Mizer - Create your own Lego Avatar!

Build with Legos

Build Your Wild Self - an avatar creator from New York Zoos and Aquarium

Androidify - Create and name your very own Android avatar

Doppel Me - another avatar creator

Voki - create your own talking avatar

PicMonkey - have lots of fun with this photo editing application (Chrome has a PicMonkey app available)

Photovisi - easy photo collages

Fotor - another nice photo editing application

PinWords - instantly add text to your images

ReciteThis! - Turn a Quote into a Masterpiece

Festisite: Text Layout - Turn your text into an image

Safe Searching & Giving Credit by Citing Sources

Citation Machine - Choose MLA to create citations for your reference page

EasyBib - Choose MLA to create citations for your reference page

SweetSearch4Me - Every Web site in SweetSearch has been evaluated by our research experts.

Diffen - Compare Anything


Jet Ski - How well do you know your math facts? Race your friends and others in this exciting game!

IXL 5th Grade Math - practice by specific skill


Social Studies

37 Maps that Explain the Civil War

States and Capitals - interactive map

Sheppard USA Games

Sheppard - States and Capitals

Which State? - you are given the capital, you need to spell the state name correctly

5th Grade Social Studies - by topic

Wanderlust - Trace the most famous trips in history

Explorers Wanted Poster - Create a persuasive 'Wanted Poster" recruiting men and women to sign up for the journey to the new world. Use the template and add who, what, where, when information to the poster. See the example.

How the West Was Lost by Native Americans

Oregon Trail

Westward Ho!

Westward Trail - game

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego

Westward Expansion Interactive Map

Manifest Destiny - Educational Rap video; see the 'About' for the lyrics

Elbow Room - Schoolhouse Rock Video

Lewis & Clark

Discovering Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark Interactive Trail Map

Lewis and Clark - American Explorers

Students Explore with Lewis & Clark: Then and Now

Rediscovering Lewis & Clark


5th Grade Science Resources - by topic


Circulatory System

How Stuff Works - How Blood Works

Discovery Kids - Your Cardiovascular System

Your Heart and Circulatory System - KidsHealth

EdHelper - The Circulatory System

Kid Info - Human Body

Study Jams by Scholastic - The Circulatory System

Explania.com - The Human Heart

The Franklin Institute - The Human Heart

Inner Body - Interactive Cardiovascular System

Anatomy Arcade - Circulatory System


Weather Instruments - Climate Education for K-12

Measuring Weather with Tools - National Geographic

Weather Whiz Kids - weather information for kids

5th Grade Science Tools & Measurement - Quizlet

5th Grade Science Words: Weather - Quizlet

Language Arts

5th Grade Language Arts - by skill