7th & 8th Grade

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NEW LOGIN! Your username is your full name with capital letters and a space in between; your password is smmastudent

Typing Club
  • 7th Grade keyboarding goal 35 WPM with 90% accuracy on test 423 or above.
  • 8th Grade keyboarding goal 40 WPM with 90% accuracy on test 423 or above.

Hour of Code 2017-2018:

8th Grade code: YQTJPB

7th Grade code: PTGMZL

  • CoSpaces EDU - Class code: MLXZX (if joined already) or KVJGJ (if joined 3.1.18) or P232J (if joined 3.7.18)

Tinkercad - Create 3D digital designs with online CAD

Use these credentials to log in if you want to save your work or create your own account:

user name:

password: smmastudent1415

This week's code:

6PXBYSY3 (3.6.18)

Save files as .stl to be printed at school!

Tinkercad - Lessons

Tinkercad - Youtube introduction and brief tutorial

Thingiverse - get inspired!



Safe Searching & Giving Credit by Citing Sources

Citation Machine - Choose MLA to create citations for your reference page

EasyBib - Choose MLA to create citations for your reference page

RefSeek - eliminates the advertising and paid links found on Google, Ask, Yahoo and other commercial search engines; results are more of academic nature

Diffen - Compare Anything

Graphic Design - Dr. Fucoloro Pinterest

Vector Portrait tutorial

Justin Timberlake Vector Portrait Tutorial using Google Drawing


Hour of Code 2017-2018:

8th Grade code: YQTJPB

7th Grade code: PTGMZL


Google CS First

Make Music with Scratch

Dance Moves - Python

iMovie Trailer resources - downloadable storyboards


Presentation Tools or Apps

Digital Storytelling and Digital Video Production Tips & Tools

Slide Carnival - lots and lots of presentation templates

Haiku Deck - 'makes telling your story simple, beautiful, and fun.'

ThingLink Education - make your images interactive

GlogsterEDU - Poster yourself. Create interactive posters by adding video, images, text, and audio

Prezi - Create zooming presentations

Animoto - create beautiful videos (free version gives 30 seconds of video)

PowToon - create animated videos and presentations

Present.me -

Photo editing and enhancement tools - lots of tools to help personalize or mashup your images

Unsplash - lots of awesome, free high-resolution images


What is a blog? - introductory video

Check some blogs out to decide how you want your class blog to look: theme, widgets, pages, etc.

Check out Class Blogs! - Nice list of blogs at all grade levels.

Kreb's Class Blogs - Impressive example of a class sharing their learning.

Setting up a Class Blog - Step by step (Edublogs)

Blogging Guidelines, expectations, commenting, and types of blogs - check out the different types of blogs re subject area

Comments 4 Kids - Guidelines for blogging

15 Free Safe AVATAR Creators - Please share which one you like the best!

Androidify - Create and name your very own Android avatar

Be Creative!

5 Card Flickr - a storytelling experience using 5 randomly chosen images

Tinkercad - Create 3D digital designs with online CAD

SketchNotes - check out this awesome presentation showing how to create sketchnotes

Art Pad - drawing and writing

Wallpaper - Create cool desktop or cell phone wallpapers with calendars

Motivator - create your own motivational posters

Photovisi - easy photo collages

PicMonkey - have lots of fun with this photo editing application (Chrome has a PicMonkey app available)

Fotor - another nice photo editing application

PinWords - instantly add text to your images

Lots of Image Editing Tools

Festisite: Text Layout - Turn your text into an image

ReciteThis! - Turn a Quote into a Masterpiece

Spell with Flickr - different images for each letter

ABCya! Word Cloud creator - create beautiful word clouds with this application

Image Chef - create concrete poems using this app

Trading Card Creator

Coding Resources