General Resources and News
KidRex - easy to read safe search for kids
Ask for Kids
5 Safe Search Engines for Kids
SweetSearch4Me - Every Web site in SweetSearch has been evaluated by our research experts.
Awesome Library K-12
Librarian's Internet Index - websites you can trust
Fact Monster
Kids Click!
Factbites - different kind of search engine
Time for Kids
Enchanted Learning
Time and Date
St. Louis County Library
The Library of Congress
SONIC (Sound Online Inventory Catalog) - Library of Congress searchable database: music, radio, individuals, etc.
The New York Times News Summaries
Smithsonian Education
Google Language Translator Tool
Quintura Kids - search results in a tag cloud
Clusty - the clustering search engine
Kid's Search Tools
IceRocket - "Every search is a direct hit."
Newseum - Today's front pages from around the world
GoGoNews - Big news for little people
Google Fast Flip - quickly and easily view newspapers from around the world
World Clock - check out the rates of change
Webspiration - "Think visually. Work Collaboratively. Anywhere. Anytime." Site stores your work.
Create Free Calendars - and more!
How to do Research - Step by step process for students of all ages
Flyr - search Flicker for geotagged images
Study Tips for Students - study and research tips from Google
Yahoo Image Search - creative commons option license filter that allows you to find images that are available for reuse
Wizard Tool for Searching - a good search tool
Wikiquote - numerous sourced quotations from notable people and creative works
Quizlet - study, create and share flashcards on almost any subject
Mindmeister - online mind mapping use to organize your ideas
eyePlorer - graphical knowledge engine, very cool
Boolify - helps you understand your web search by visually demonstrating the logic of your search
Photos8 - Thousands of free, high quality images, easy to search
Pics4Learning - copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students
K-12 Tech Tools - for teachers, organized by subject and grade level
Ask a Tech Teacher - Great websites for kids grades K-5
YoLink - Move from searching to finding. Save time and improve research skills in the classroom.
Exploratree - a free web resource where you can access a library of ready-made interactive thinking guides, print them, edit them or make your own. You can share them and work on them in groups too.

Alphabet Organizer - students in grades K-12 can create a vocabulary 'book' full of words and images