What is a Mystery Skype?

Mystery Skype or GHO - Google Spreadsheet of teachers who would like to connect with you and your students!

Global Read Aloud

Mystery State/Mystery Skype

Mystery Skype - Take your class on an amazing adventure!

#EDUHangout - Same concept as Mystery Skype, but shares ideas for using across the curriculum using Google+ Hangouts

Google Connected Classrooms - Field trips to museums, zoos, authors, etc., using Google Hangouts

Bot Joy - "Can art help the world?" "Botjoy is an exploration of how art can be surprising, delightful AND helpful. Bots are "programmed" to give you outrageous compliments, help you be brave, take the blame, inspire you, even clone you so you can get more done. Who needs help in your life? What kind of Bot could help? Steal this idea. Make some Bots yourself and give them to a friend or leave them on the street for a stranger to find..." - would make a great collaborative class project!

CAPSpace - Collaborations Around the Planet

TWICE-Two Way Interactive Connections in Education

CILC-Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration


Berrien RESA - list of content providers and programs

Berrien RESA - Teacher favorites

ASK Process

Authors Who Skype for Free!

CSD-Virtual Learning Center